Four Computer Science Jobs That don’t Required Coding

Four Computer Science Jobs That don’t Required Coding

Best Computer Science Jobs

Today in the market, Software development and programming are among the most promising career options available to computer engineers. It does not matter which programming language you are an expert in. If you know how to apply logic and write effective code, you will have no trouble in  finding a job and you will probably have a bright future.Here we will telling you about four best computer science jobs. However, not all computer engineers know how to write the code. Many of them do not even like to code. Speaking of me, I did not like coding until the second year of engineering. Even today, if I were given a code every day, I would probably be bored. Does this mean that there is no opportunity for CS engineers who do not like to code? Of course not! Today, I will share some of the best computer work that does not require coding. You can learn almost all the skills required in these career options by using the Internet. So, without further ado, let’s start ..!

best computer Science jobs  User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) Designer

1: User Interface (UI) / User Experience (UX) Designer

The main function of a UX designer is to increase user satisfaction. They are needed to enhance the end user experience. Although different companies use their UX designers in different ways. Their main responsibilities include essentially understanding users through surveys, interviews or other methods; know the most effective ways to design or structure the elements and content of a website or application; choose the best design based on data, wire structures, prototyping, etc.

The work of a user interface designer is similar to that of the user experience, but UI designers are more likely to design the interface globally. They ensure that the appearance of the interface or software application is clear and easy to use. The designers of the user interface are primarily responsible for the visual design of a product. They must represent each step in product design and development using wired structures, graphical scripts, user flows, and site maps. UI designers need to work as a team to explain each design to other members. In one simple sentence, UI designers need to turn a brainstorming idea into an online or offline visual design.

best computer Science jobs SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Expert

2: SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Expert

SEO specialists are primarily required to work with web designers and developers to ensure that best practices are implemented in accordance with SEO standards on a website or application. The main role of an SEO specialist is to improve the ranking of a website in the search engines. The goal may vary from one client to another, whether it’s looking for traffic or wants to generate leads or something else.

Although many people rank SEO in marketing, they can not ignore its procedures. An SEO specialist is responsible for keyword research and work together with content writing teams to ensure they meet SEO standards, optimize web pages, track, report, analyze and lead. PPC campaigns.

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best computer Science jobs  Data Analyst

3: Data Analyst

Data Analyst jobs are growing at a rapid pace. If you like to play with data, this career option is for you. Data analysts are primarily responsible for data analysis, trend analysis, data collection and interpretation, analysis of results, identification of patterns and trends in datasets, etc. To be eligible for a Data Analyst position, you must have good math and analytics skills. Must be able to manage and organize large sets of data. Knowledge of statistics will be an asset. Here are some basic eligibility criteria. In addition, some companies may require measurable programming knowledge.

best computer Science jobs Software Quality Tester (SQT)

4. Software Quality Tester (SQT)

Let me tell you that the software quality test (SQT) is related to quality control (QA) but functions as an independent unit. SQTs are responsible for testing the quality of the software just before launch. They make sure every feature works properly. The SQT performs several functional, stress and scalability tests taking into account a series of end-user scenarios. Most of their efforts are made in order to “break” the software so that the final product is free of errors.

Covering Up

These are just some of the best computer science jobs that you can choose if you do not know or do not like coding. Remember, if you want to succeed in your career, do what you love or love what you do! Concentrate on your skills and companies will not hesitate to hire you.


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