Free Download Bus Ticketing System in C++ With Source Code

Bus Ticketing System In C++ With Source Code

Bus Ticketing System In C++

About Project

The bus ticketing system is based on the concept of easily buying bus tickets. Here, the user can perform certain tasks, such as adding bus details, displaying all available tickets, and purchasing tickets easily. There is no login system for this project. This project contains few features but the essentials.

When talking about the features of the bus ticket sales system, the user can add bus information, such as the bus number, destinations, departures and the total number of seats. After that, the user can easily see all available bus records in a list; Show each bus details. Another last characteristic concerns the booking of bus tickets.

Booking Ticket

To book a ticket, you must enter the available bus number. If the entered bus number exists in the system, then it must provide the name of the passenger with the total number of seats required. After all this, the system displays the final bill, which includes the bus number, source and destination, departure, seat number and total fare with 7% VAT. When you exit the system, it displays the total sales of the day / time.

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This mini-project uses the classes and features of C ++ file management. The system does not use any external files to store data permanently. The bus ticketing system is developed using the C ++ programming language and various variables; chains have been used for its development. Bus ticket system in C ++ Programming with source code can be downloaded free of charge. Use only for educational purposes! This project provides the simplest system for booking bus tickets.

To run the project, you must have Dev C ++ or code blocks installed on your PC. (We recommend these IDEs). To demonstrate the project, take a look in the image below.

bus ticketing system
bus ticketing system
bus ticketing system

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