Hospital DataBase Management System In C++ With Full Source Code

Hospital DataBase Management System In C++ With Full Source Code

About the project

DB Management System Hospital is based on the concept of registration of normal and seriously ill patients from different categories. You must log in to use the system. The administrator can easily select several types of patients where he can register a patient, take him to the doctor and see the complete list of patients.

Speaking of the characteristics of the hospital management system, there are in total six departments. At the beginning, the user must select his department to continue. Each of the departments contains the essential characteristics required for a hospital, such as adding normal and seriously ill patients, moving the patient to the doctor’s office and displaying the complete list of details of the patient. To add a normal and seriously ill patient, he / she must enter the name, sex, age, blood type and contact information of the patient.

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And the last feature of this project is to display a list of the registered patient. It displays all available details of the patient, such as first and last name, gender, age, blood type and contact information. The system does not use any external files to store data permanently. This system is developed using the C ++ programming language and different variables, strings were used for its development. Use only for educational purposes! This project provides the simplest system for managing patients in a hospital.

To run the project, you must have Dev C ++ installed or blocks of code on your PC. (We recommend these IDEs). To demonstrate the project, look at the slider in the image below.


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