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About Project

LiveSmart Video Chat is an independent web application with face-to-face communication channels: video, audio, recording, screen swapping, file transfer and integrated chat. It has its own push notification server, based on the Websocket PHP or Rachet libraries. It does not require additional installations or connections or third-party accounts. You can set up a highly customizable contact button on your website so that your visitors can call you directly if you are online.

Browsers and compatible operating systems

LiveSmart Video Chat is compatible with all major browsers:

  • Desktop PC Microsoft Edge 12+, Google Chrome 28+, Mozilla Firefox 22+, Safari 11+, Opera 18+, Vivaldi 1.9+, IE 11 (you need to install the Temasys plug-in, it will guide you through installation process).
  • Android Google Chrome 28+ (enabled by default from 29), Mozilla Firefox 24+, Opera Mobile 12+
  • Chrome OS.
  • Firefox OS.
  • Blackberry 10.
  • At least iOS 11. MobileSafari / Mac Safari. For earlier versions of Safari (prior to v.11), you will be asked to install the Temasys add-on.
  • video chat and / or live audio;
  • multi-user video conference sessions;
  • Whiteboard;
  • Diffusion to several;
  • Configurable login form available with front-end access (from the agent) or PHP and MySQL scripts;
  • Notification server own, without software or third party account;
  • file transfer;
  • registration;
  • private rooms
  • URL shortener;
  • pure HTML5 web chat;
  • sharing screen. Compatible with Chrome up to 71 with an additional plug-in (your guide will be guided through the installation process), the Chrome 72+, Firefox 52+ and MS Edge 17+ browsers are plug-in free;
  • Switch between the front and back camera of your mobile phone;
  • notification system;
  • mobile friendly;
  • Button to establish a direct connection and an installation to track the presence of your visitors;
  • predefined style of buttons;
  • internationalization;
  • Ability to create your own video chat room;
  • WordPress plugin to easily add the button to your WP pages and publications;
  • schedule of meetings;

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Quick Start Guide

You can read the User’s Guide section for a detailed description of all features.
The requirements

For server-side scripts: at least Node 4.0 or PHP 5.4 are required;

You can configure your own TURN server (recommended) or use Google’s default STUN servers.

DB is not necessary;

Possible uses

Establish an online / offline contact button on your site and follow and contact your visitors;

Create a private room and share it with your contacts to establish a direct video call with split screen, file transfer, whiteboard collaboration and recording tool.

Switch between the front and back camera of your mobile phone to make an outstanding demonstration to your customers;

Use only the cat for support and pleasure;
Check here the available usage scenarios!


All types that can use video communication as a level playing field in most browsers;

Technical support. Share the screen or transfer files with your customers with problems.

online teachers with table;

health consultations;

online sales

real estate agents;

car dealers
Make sure you have HTTPS on your web server with an SSL-enabled certificate;
For your back-end, you need Node.js 4.0+ or ​​PHP 5.6+;
Now you can start with the installation process. Copy all the files to your destination folder.
(optional) Move the folder out of the audience;
See here how to install in Node.js and here in PHP. You can also view the video tutorial.
Once your signaling server is installed, open the config / config.ini file and modify YOUR_DOMAIN with your server.
Edit the sample HTML page at the root of your folder, agent.html and client.html. Change YOUR_DOMAIN with your server as well;

When you are done, you can check if it works. Open the agent page and click the Generate Link button. A new page will open in a pop-up window and the corresponding link will be placed on the clipboard, which can be opened in a new browser or device. The other option is to open client.html and click the button to open the pop-up window from there.
Installation Guide, Frequently Asked Questions and Demonstration
Installation guide
Frequently Asked Questions Section
Live demo
Demo of scheduled meetings
Table demonstration
Multi-user conference with recording enabled
Password protected form
Live Demo Iframe
Demonstration of the operation of the agent page and the relevant customer page.

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