20 Useful Tools For Programmers And Developers

Useful tools for Programmers

20 Useful tools for Programmers

Programming can be a very hectic task, especially if you’re managing a complex project. Sometimes even small projects can cause difficulties. Have you ever found yourself about to give up in the middle of a project?.Different programming tools can simplify the coding process and improve your productivity levels. Here are the 20 most useful tools for programmers.


This is the API documentation for all common programming languages. Combine different API documentations into one powerful tool. It also works in different frameworks of programming languages. The tool has an instant search function that you can use to locate any piece of code you want. You can also use it when you are offline.Glitch.com


Glitch is a versatile tool that allows programmers to perform different actions. You can use it to create web applications in the browser. If you want to see projects similar to those of other people, you can simply import the GitHub repositories. It will be much easier to re-mix these applications, which will shorten the development process. The tool allows programmers to invite others to projects.Codeply.com


Codeply is an ideal tool for front-end developers. It can help you create sensitive designs using Bootstrap. It also has SemanticUI and CSS tools, which are important for front-end development.

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The tool is best suited for JavaScript developers. You can transform your modern JavaScript code to be compatible with older browsers.


Bundlephobia is a tool that allows programmers to download different packages to the NPM registry. You can also download your package.json file so that you can analyze all the dependencies of your project.Regexr.com


You can use this tool to test the regular expressions that you have created in the browser.Jex.im


Jex allows programmers to write regular expressions in an editor and thus obtain a visual representation of how expressions work.Httpie.org


This is a command-line tool that programmers use to send HTTP requests to web servers and RESTful APIs. The tool is considered a simplified version of CURL thanks to its capacity.Explainshell.com


Are you a Unix user? This tool allows you to write a Unix command and get a visual explanation of each command it has used.Buildregex.com


This tool gives programmers a simple way to visually create regular expressions.Mackaroo.com


This is a tool to generate test data. This data can be generated in different formats, including CSV, SQL, JSON.Jsdelivr.com


The tool allows programmers to serve any WordPress plugin or GitHub file via a CDN. It allows to combine several files in the same URL and to obtain the minimal versions of JS and CSS.Tldr.ostera.io


The website provides programmers with practical and effective examples of Unix command management. You will not have to go to the Unix man pages.Wakatime.com


This is a programming tool that helps you quantify your coding. Record the essential programming steps you would like to know. The tool can be integrated with the most popular code editors.Cah


This tool allows programmers to create and share beautiful images of their codes. In addition to this, the tool has a syntax highlighting feature for all common programming languages.Hyper.is


It’s essentially a command-line terminal tool that can add more functionality to your device.Astexplorer.net


This tool will allow you to paste your JavaScript code into your editor. In turn, it will generate an abstract syntax tree that will help you better understand how JavaScript works.Trackjs.com


If you specialize in JavaScript programming, this is one of the tools you should have. It is a JavaScript bug tracking tool. It will notify you once you have detected an error.


This tool allows programmers to make their own custom loop requests via the browser.


This tool allows programmers to test the redirection rules and rewrite them in the .htaccess file of their Apache server.With these 20 programming tools, your life as a programmer will be much easier. If you think other tools should be on this list, please let us know in the comments section.



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