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About Project

Sngine is a PHP social networking platform is the best way to create your own social website or your own online community. Launch it in just 1 minute with the best features. It’s fast, safe and will be updated periodically.


User / General Features:

Friends Users can add others as friends.
Follow / Stop following Sngine is also compatible with the following systems, such as Twitter / Facebook
Real-time news, chat, notifications and profile updates in real time
Share Users can share any public publication in Sngine.
Smart Publisher Publisher auto-scrap (Music, Videos, Links)
YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud Users can share links from these media.
Notifications Receive notifications (red notification with counter) from other users when: Like, Share, Comment or @mention
Sound notifications for new notifications and messages
Privacy users can change their privacy settings at any time

Hahtags Post #hashtags in messages, comments, and chat conversations.

The @mention user can mention your friends
Photos download images and show them as a gallery.
Groups Stay in touch with group members and share stories with them.
Pages The user can now create pages like Facebook.
Smiles / emoticons (smiles) in messages, comments and discussions.
Eaves blocks Users can block other users by preventing them from talking to each other.
Awesome profile with covers and avatars for user profiles / page / group
Verify Badge Profile Now and Verify Pages
Unified search area #hashtags live search, publications, pages and groups
See more options for cutting long texts like Facebook
Retina Display Ready Responsive Design (optimized for iPhone 5 and other iOS devices)
Suggestions from friends (for new users), likes pages, groups to join

Scripting / Administration Functions:

Portable so you can easily run it on any hosting.

Ajax Powered System
We build it with pure PHP with an easy-to-follow code, so the developer can customize it.
SEO SEO Friendly Urls
Disabled system Enable and disable the entire website
Recording enabled Enable and disable recording
Send an activation email Activate / deactivate the activation email after registration
SMTP emails Enable / Disable the SMTP email system
reCAPTCHA Enabled Enable and disable reCAPTCHA
Multilingual platform in several languages ​​using “gettext” (support in Arabic and RTL design)
Manage translations: Administrator can add / edit / delete language translations
Cache System Advanced cache system for all visualization systems and templates for fast loading across the website
Manage users Manage your members, edit your profile details, and check one of them.

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Sngine v2.5.6 – The Ultimate PHP Social Network Platform

Manage pages Manage pages created by your members, check one
Manage page categories The administrator can add / edit / delete different categories for pages.
Manage groups Edit or delete groups created by users
Reports Manage reports from your members.
Manage verified users / pages can have any user / page checked.
Static Pages The administrator can add / modify / delete static pages such as envelope, privacy, conditions, etc., etc.
The ad system administrator can add / edit / delete ads for the entire system, with different placements.
Manage Themes Administrator can add / edit / delete themes.
Advanced stats Statistics on registered users, messages, comments, messages and comments, I like
Set minimum / maximum results The administrator can set the minimum / maximum number of results per request.
The requirements
Sngine requires Apache Server, PHP 5.5+ and MySQL to work
Before you install Sngine, make sure that the mysqli, mbstring, curl, intl PHP and GD Library & Apache mod_rewrite and allow_url_fopen () & mail () functions are enabled on your server.

You can view his live preivew here

For Demo Click Here

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