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Police Station Management System C++

About the project

The police station management system is based on the concept of criminal record management. Before entering the main menu, a user must go through a login system in order to access it, and then manage criminal records by adding, updating, deleting, viewing, and searching for details. This mini project contains limited but essential features.

Speaking of the features of the police station management system, the user can add various information about criminals. For this, the user must provide identification, name, age, sex, height, weight, crime, facial details, conviction, etc. of the convict. In addition, the user can view / check a list of records, search, edit and delete. records too. The user only has to provide the identification of the convicted person to consult his criminal history.

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The system creates an external file to store the user’s data permanently. This program focuses mainly on CRUD with search function. The police station management system is developed using the C ++ programming language and various variables; chains have been used for its development. Police station administration system in C ++ Programming with source code can be downloaded free of charge. Use only for educational purposes! This project provides the simplest system for the easy management of criminal records.

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  1. Login System
  2. CRUD criminal records
  3. Searching records
Login Detail are include in projects folder

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