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Title : Project Management CRM

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A HRM-Ultimate Project Manager CRM PRO system is a complete human resources management solution with payroll system, annual vacations and 3 types of participation system, and much can download this project management crm by scroll down and click on download button. you can get All In One using this system. Sales and transactions are important and the project manager with billing accounting in several ways:

You can easily track your project by adding comments, attachments, tasks, errors, milestones, private and public notes, project-specific invoices, time management and monitoring of your activity in most cases. features. Date with impressive progress wise. You just have to create nothing for everything to work. Not only that you can export and import projects.

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Invoice management
You can easily create and manage invoices with more than 6 payment gateways. You can pay this invoice by recurrence, you can send overdue invoices, payments, reminders to reimburse bill payments, etc.
Import option

You can import your CSV or Excel file in the following menu.







Sales and transactions are important and the project manager with CRM Pro billing accounting in several ways:

Keep track of prospects in one place and easily track your progress.

Create good prospects or customer proposals and increase sales.

It saves your business expenses and allows you to bill your customers and automatically convert them into an invoice.

Get more information about your customers with the powerful CRM.

Use the Objective Tracking function to take into account sales objectives.

Create budgets and professional quality invoices.

Powerful support system with the ability to automatically import tickets and leads

Custom fields can store additional information for customers, potential customers, deposits, projects and more.

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Tracks, reports, notes, files and many more functions.

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