Take These Security Precautions When Meeting Someone Online

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Meeting people online seemed like a terrible idea not too long ago. At most, we chat with them in the chat rooms, without providing our real phone number or location. At least until we have enough confidence to trust them.

Go to 2019 and just spend a day without meeting strangers online. Every time he orders an Uber, he gets into a car with someone he doesn’t know yet. The same goes for Airbnb and other practical applications. However, these applications have established protocols to ensure that you can trust the individual. This is not the case with dating applications.

Dating applications put you in touch with close people. You can be in any of these applications to date or find connections, but for any reason, you have no guarantee that you can trust anyone you know.

That said, you probably use dating apps, whatever. The alternative is to find people in a more random and less random way. You can find out how to get rid of Omegle if you don’t want to stay in roulette.

Otherwise, take these precautions.

Use a VPN when using online dating apps

You must use a VPN at any time, but especially when you are in a dating application. The sad reality is that simply using one of these applications puts your privacy at risk. You become vulnerable by showing that you are ready to meet people in the immediate future.

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A hacker can find you in Tinder and point to you, obtaining information from your phone that he can then use to gain your trust. Alternatively, they can use this information to blackmail him.

This is especially important when using a dating application in an oppressive country. Some countries prohibit premarital sex or people who identify as LGBTQ. Their governments sometimes use dating applications to find people who break these archaic laws.

Disable location services

Allowing dating applications to use your location allows you to see exactly how close other users are. Many people make decisions based on proximity, especially with regard to connections.

Most of us allow applications on our phones to follow us most of the time. But you should be especially careful with dating applications that share this information with others, even if it is limited. Any hacker can track it based on its location if it can violate the security of the application.

Ideally, your location settings should be strict with all applications. Google doesn’t need to know where you are at every moment of the day. Facebook no more. Many science fiction writers today would have imagined this level of vigilance as a dystopia, but we voluntarily give up our privacy!

The same is true with all privacy settings. Be sure to use a VPN and not disclose too much information no matter what you do. However, when it comes to meeting people online, you should be especially careful.


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