Tips to Learn Any Programming Language Faster


Learning a new programming language is never an easy task for anyone. You should review many new concepts, resources and tools and work on them for the first time. In this article, I will give some important tips to learn any programmering language faster and programmer should keep in mind these tips when learning a programming language.

Tips to learn any programming language faster

1. Organize your goal

Computer programming languages ​​include Javascript, SQL, Python, C ++, Java, PHP, Ruby and many others. Each of these languages ​​has its specific applications. Therefore, you will take a big step forward in trying to know your goal so you can learn the correct programming language. On the contrary, if you cannot drive properly, it will hit the air.

2. Become a self-taught programmer

This is important, above all, motivate yourself to become a self-taught programmer. Most successful programs are self-taught, that is, they choose a programming language such as Python or Java (Python is generally recommended because it is a very high level language) and they begin to familiarize themselves with their syntax by consulting the documentation or the e-book. According to the 2018 stack exceedance survey, more than 86 percent of programmers learned to code.

3. Focus on the basics

One of the most common mistakes is that people are trying to finish the basics as quickly as possible and start the coding part. During this process, some chapters are skipped at the beginning and they spend less time with the fundamentals of the topic.

First, you must understand that this does not work in learning computer programming. You can finish the tutorial or quickly access the coding section itself, but it will create many problems for you in the future. People who learn in this way generally get stuck at the highest levels, get lost easily and eventually have to go back to learn the basics.

4. Use the right tools

The main tool is a computer with the configuration required to run the programming software. The software includes error databases, debuggers, compilation tools, disassemblers, interface generators, Notepad ++ and much more. However, the tools you need depend on the type of programming language you want to learn.

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5. Dry your code

A dry test means going through each line of your code on the paper before running it on the machine. It is known that this habit improves logical thinking and facilitates and accelerates the following levels of learning. The dry run code is the best way to learn to program. If you are considering a career in programming, try to adopt this habit at the beginning of your learning.

6. Code you learn

Make your learning process more active than passive. Start juggling lines of code as you learn. Don’t just look at tutorials or read notes in the hope of applying what you learn later. You will encounter many obstacles that will force you to return and start learning again.

The sooner you start testing what you learn, the sooner you will learn. In fact, your coding environment should run simultaneously while you learn. The most recommended learning method is to create a project as you read the learning material. This way, you will learn more quickly and systematically.

7. Practice with patience

Practice is the best way to improve your coding skills. However, if you omit the basics, the advanced steps will alert you that you have forgotten parts. In the long run, you can stop. Start learning the basics before moving on to a more advanced stage.

8. Stay motivated

Programming is undoubtedly an exciting task, but it is also known to be exhaustive. Often, people spend hours in a single mistake without a solution. It has the ability to affect all hours and speed of meals, which is certainly not a healthy situation, especially if you are young.

You will have to remain calm at this time. Our brains also need sodas every now and then. It can be meeting friends, taking a trip, exercising or just playing games on your smartphone. to concentrate

9. Use online resources

There are many free online sites that provide free resources, including video tutorials, that will teach you how to program. Therefore, you can start learning the basics of programming from free coding sites, such as Codecademy, FreeCodeCamp, Coursera, edX, Codewars and more.

Start using StackOverflow, the community that helps you solve coding problems. You can find many solutions for code and errors.


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