Voting System In PHP

voting system in php

About Project

The voting system project is developed using PHP, JavaScript, Bootstrap and CSS. In speaking of project, it presents many essential characteristics. This project contains the voter login side, where an elector can login to vote, and the admin panel, where you can see the total number of votes, add and list voters, posts, candidates and more. again. When logging in from the voter login session, the user must provide an elector ID to log in to the voting system. The voter ID can be retrieved from the admin panel. this voting system in php is widely used software for online voting

About Voting System in Php

The administrator has full control of the system, all functions must be performed from the administration panel. Here, the user can see the total votes with the names of the respective voters, add and list voters, positions, candidates, view positions on the ballots, edit the title of the election and edit the profile of the administrator. To vote for an election, you need an elector and to add an elector, the user must provide the first and last name, the password and upload a photo.

In the same way, to add a position, a brief description and the maximum value of the vote must be provided. All candidates can be seen from the administration panel with their respective positions and, similarly, to add candidates to an election, the user must provide a first and last name, select the post, upload a photo and write the platform.

voting system in php

In accordance with the wishes of the administrator, electors may retain their position on the ballot and the administrator can easily change the title of the election at any time. After all the votes, you can see the total number of votes in the Votes navigation, which displays the position with the name of the candidate and the voter. Before registering as a voter, the user must have an account and voter ID. This can be retrieved from the voters list, the system automatically generates the voter identification and the user must copy it, then paste it into the voter login section and provide a password to continue to vote.

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A clean and responsive control panel is provided in the administration panel to facilitate administration of the voting system. The PHP voting system makes it easy to manage votes for certain purposes. The design of this project is beautiful and sensitive, so the user will not find it difficult to understand, use and navigate.

voting system in php

To run this project, you must have installed a virtual server, that is, XAMPP, on your PC (for Windows). The voting system in PHP can be downloaded for free with the source code. Use it only for educational purposes!


  1. Voter’s Login
  2. Admin Panel
  3. View and reset votes
  4. CRUD Voters
  5. CRUD Position
  6. CRUD Candidates
  7. Ballot Positions
  8. Select Election Titles

How To Run??

After running Apache and MySQL in XAMPP, follow the following steps

  • Extract file
  • Copy the main project folder
  • Paste in xampp/htdocs
  • Now Connecting DatabaseOpen a browser and go to URL “localhost/phpmyadmin
  • Then, click on databases section
  • Create database naming “votesystem” and then click on import tab
  • Click on browse file and select “votesystem.sql” file which is inside “database” folder.
  • Click on go.

After Creating Database,

Open a browser and navigate to URL “http://localhost/votesystem/”

Free Download Voting System In PHP With Source Code by clicking the download button below



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