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Final Year Project

About Project Idea


This current system will provide Local bodies administration to evolve over the time making their public interaction possible through online media, moreover providing provincial administration record of the work they do in their current districts. This system will eliminate the need of the paper recording schema. Public can access their representatives through this media where they can interact with them and solve these issues in less time eliminating the need of physical contacting the representative without any record of their contact with concerned representative. There are various advantages of this system which are discussed below as well the drawback of the current existing system.  

Component of proposed system

  • Employee
    • Assistant director
    • Assistant supervisor
    • Other staff
      • Union Council
      • Members of Union Council
    • District Members
    • Tehsil Members
      • Village Council
    • Chairman
    • Niab- Chairman
    • Youth Member
    • Sectary
      • Scheme Management
      • Schools
      • Mosque
      • Hospitals
      • Funds Management
      • Record of Marriages and Divorce
  • Record of Birth & Death

Existing Systems

The current system at district management is manual mostly using paper work for the purpose of record keeping and public interaction. This system involves the secretaries and the public representatives to manually write their work reports about the public interaction and the public work they do. This current system is bulky and creates a lot of havoc for the administration. The study of existing system limitation and flaws is very important as will help improve the current online system in this regard. The current system has no possible means of recording the public representatives and public dealing. Therefore the provincial management has no means check the progress of their representatives.

Drawbacks of existing systems

Following are the drawbacks of the current existing system:

  • Data inaccuracy (Due to human errors)
  • Records Vulnerability
  • Difficult data modification
  • Excessive use of stationary
  • Chances of inaccurate data entry (lack of checks)
  • Data integrity
  • Information access problems
  • Security issues

Objective of proposed system

The primary objective of this system is to assess the adequacy of the internal control system to ensure efficient and effective operations, information security, and compliance with applicable governance.

The specific control design and effectiveness evaluation of this system includes:

  • Organization and management
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Data and software integrity
  • Operations, system documentation, and training
  • System availability
  • Long-term sustainability of the system

Because of inherent limitation in the application of such controls, errors or irregularities may, nevertheless, occur and not be detected. Also, assurances regarding the adequacy of internal controls cannot be projected to future periods due to the risk that procedures may become inadequate because of changes in conditions or compliance with procedures may deteriorate.

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Advantages of proposed system

The proposed system is specifically designed to overcome all the drawbacks of previous manual system. Manual system faced a lot of problems, which are as follows:

  • Time Consumption Decreased
    • Accuracy of the data.
    • Data insertion deletion and modification is easy.
    • Data is secure.
    • Paper Work Decreased.
    • Changes and alteration in the data is easy.
    • Consistent Data.

Tools and Technologies used

Software Used:                      Editor: Visual Studio 2015

                                      Server Side Language: ASP .Net (C#)

                                      Front End Language: HTML /CSS/ JavaScript      

DBMS: SQL Server

                                      Graphics Editor: Photoshop

Operation System:                Microsoft Windows 7 / 8.1


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