WhatsApp Direct – Send Message Without Contact

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WhatsApp Direct – Send a message without contact

About Project

IwhatsApp direct is an excellent app for WhatsApp Messenger to send messages to any number that is not saved in your contacts. You can download source code of this project by scrolling down. You need first to install android studio or any other IDE to run this android project.


1) WhatsApp Direct: You can send messages and media directly to WhatsApp without saving the contact.

2) It is not necessary to save a contact: it is not necessary to save a number in the contact, add / directly select the number and send

3) Select the number directly from the call records: simply select the number of recent call records and send a message.

4) Easy to send a message (its operation) 1. Select a number of WhatsApp 2. Enter the text message 3. Press “SEND” to send a message 4. You can attach a media using the button Join from the WhatsApp app. …..

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Demo Click Here

If you have any problem in downloading Plz free to comment on post we will contact you as soon as possible .


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