Why Linux is the Best Operating System (OS) for IT students?

best linux operating systems

Suppose you plan to specialize in computer science or are interested in it. What should be your main operating system between Windows and Linux? Some people will argue for Windows and others for Linux. Instead of embarking on another series of endless debates, I will outline the strong reasons why Linux should be the main operating system of computing.

Linux is open source
linux is open source

1. Linux is an open source operating system

As a computer student, you are a technician. You are not only interested in what’s happening at the front of a software. You would like to know what’s going on in the backend. As an open source operating system, Linux gives users the power to see how it works. This is because it is an open source operating system. This is a unique feature that you will not find in the Windows operating system. The good news is that this is not the only benefit of the open source nature of the Linux operating system.

linux is best
linux is secure

2. Linux is more protected OS

If you want statistics on cyber attacks, you should have noticed the difference between Linux and Windows operating systems in terms of security. Windows is vulnerable to cyber attacks. This always happens, even when users have installed powerful antivirus programs. On the other hand, you will rarely hear instances of hacking in the Linux operating system. The operating system seems to be more secure than its rival. Of course, several factors make Linux safer than Windows. Some of them include repositories and package management. Being an open source operating system also means that the community always updates the OS security system.

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If you do not want to spend a lot of money on quality antivirus software, Linux should be your main operating system. You will not have to worry about security risk management either.

linux is open source
linux is open source

3. Linux is free

This is another great advantage of the open source nature of the Linux operating system. You can get it without paying a dime. All you need is to enter the Linux community and install the Linux operating system on your computer. You will not be asked to purchase verification codes or to submit any other form of payment. The case is different with regard to the Windows operating system. You must pay a certain amount when you purchase the operating system. As if that were not enough, you will be asked to pay for the antivirus software. All these costs can be avoided by making Linux your main operating system. Then you will spend this money to buy important online programming courses.

linux is user friendly
best linux operating systems

4. Linux is user-friendly for Developers

The Linux operating system provides full support for almost any programming language. Although the Windows operating system does the same, Linux is a more user-friendly operating system for programmers. Whether you want to program in C, C ++, Java, Perl or any other programming language, you will have more ease in Linux than in Windows. So, why is Linux a preferred operating system for programmers? One reason is that the Linux terminal is more powerful than the Windows command line. It has many libraries specially developed for programming. In addition, the terminal has a package manager that simplifies the tasks of programmers.

Another common reason programmers prefer Linux to Windows is the bash script function. In addition, the Linux operating system provides native support for SSH, which is essential for server programming. As a computer, programming will be an integral part of your life. If you want to make things easier and smoother, you need to make Linux your main operating system.

5. Periodic software updates

Linux takes the day at the level of software updates. He tends to make more software updates compared to his Windows rival. As a computer student, I would like to use an always up-to-date operating system with the current ecosystem. Microsoft tends to be slow when it comes to publishing software updates. It will only launch an update after receiving a particular set of problems. Otherwise, you will continue to use the operating system in its current form. The situation is totally different with the Linux operating system. You will find several updates that are normally published regularly.

linux is friendly
best operating systems

6. Linux is also friendly on old computers

Operating systems evolve over time. In doing so, their hardware specifications also tend to evolve to meet everyone’s demand. For example, your computer must meet the minimum requirements to use Windows 10 hardware. Otherwise, the operating system cannot run on another low-end computer. This is slightly different for Linux because it can run on older computer systems. However, this does not mean that a Linux distribution is compatible with any system with an obsolete processor. The main advantage of Linux is that you will have the option to install a distribution compatible with low-end devices.

7. Linux has a lot of distributions

Compared to the previous point, Linux is a very flexible operating system. There are many distributions from which to choose. Although Windows has different distributions for different uses, it will not be possible to move freely at any time because of the problem of prices and licenses. For Linux, you can choose any distribution that fully meets your needs. Whether you want a distribution for hackers or ordinary computing, you’ll have the freedom to do so.

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8. Linux has incredible support for the community.

Once you encounter a problem in the Linux operating system, you no longer need to call an expert. Just post your problem on any forum in the Linux community and you’ll get the help you need. Being an open source operating system is the reason behind a large and useful community.


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